How to Post iPhone Photos of Moleskine Pages to Evernote

It’s been yeeeears since I posted in this blog, and I was driven to start again by one thing: My new Evernote Smart Notebook made by Moleskine.

Why post now? I bought the notebook mainly to write notes and draw pictures, then shoot them and have them stored, digitized and searchable in Evernote. Alas the searching seemed to be falling short. So I started thinking I was doing something wrong.

The little card that ships with the Moleskine notebook tells you to simply shoot photos.

That is simply not right.

Check out this page on the Evernote site to see the 3-step process to shoot iPhone photos of your Moleskine pages. Or read my summary:

  1. Start a new note
  2. Hit the photo button
  3. Tap the OFF button in the middle at the top of the screen.
  4. It becomes ON OFF. Now tap ON.

NOW you’re ready to shoot photos.

Would love to hear your experiences of how your writing gets digitized! I find myself writing in lots of blocky text – which is a good thing since my handwriting sucks – but I have yet to try more scribbly writing. Now that I figured out how to actually shoot the photos perhaps it’ll be a miracle!

evernote smart notebook photo