Where to Get Lyft Rides at LAX

Lyft drivers can only pick up passengers on the departure level UPSTAIRS at LAX.

Here is a map showing where Lyft cars pick up LAX passengers. (I am linking to the Lyft map on the Lyft website instead of embedding the map here in case the locations change.)

LYFT PICKUP LOCATION: Currently Lyft passengers flying Southwest can be picked up between Terminal 1 where Southwest is and Terminal 2 where Virgin America is.

There are several other Lyft passenger pickup locations at terminals around LAX.

LOOK FOR THE RIDE SERVICE SIGNS to know exactly where to wait for a Lyft car at LAX.

How much does Lyft from LAX cost?

Your own Lyft car is still a good deal compared to a shared shuttle. The Lyft fare from LAX to West LA came to $27 via La Cienega.

You can “pool” if you aren’t in a hurry to get a lower fare.

This $27 ride was not at prime rush hour but I thought I would include that for reference in case you’re debating shuttle vs. taxi vs. Lyft.

New to Lyft? Use my referral link to get a free or discounted ride.

You’ll need a smartphone and the Lyft app to get started.

Want to be a Lyft driver?

If this information was helpful please use my driver referral link. Thanks!

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