How to Map a Domain at GoDaddy to a WordPress at Bluehost

Please note I am not a developer and I don’t plan to update this if the world changes, so take it with a grain of salt and I hope it helps:

I couldn’t find help online for how to make a WordPress blog I installed on Bluehost appear to be running under the domain I have hosted at GoDaddy, so here goes:

  1. Do not forward the domains at GoDaddy. Instead edit it to make the nameservers point to 2 Bluehost nameservers: and
  2. Install the WordPress blog under whatever domain you have at Bluehost that makes sense (the domain will not appear to people going to your site so it really doesn’t matter).
  3. Log into your Bluehost dashboard and go to Domains / Assign. Type in the domain you have at GoDaddy, then pick the Bluehost directory blog location from the dropdown. Click the button to Assign that domain to that directory location.
  4. Go into your WordPress admin dashboard to Settings / General.
    Make the Site URL and WordPress URL be the URL you have hosted at GoDaddy.

Is it that easy? Yes.

I got logged out of my WordPress admin account after doing this, and since I didn’t know the password I used the instructions to create an emergency.php file which was such a time saver. As they note, be sure to delete that file after resetting the admin password.

There’s no need to add the line to the theme functions file with the URL, which you might see mentioned in some tech help pages.

At this point your email will stop working

You need to update the MX records on Bluehost so that they no longer have and instead point to GoDaddy’s mail servers.

Rather than give you specifics, check out GoDaddy’s MX record FAQ and get in touch with them if need be. They guided me through setting this up in my Bluehost control panel which was awesome.


It is SO much simpler to get your domain wherever you will be hosting your website and mail. Less configuration. Fewer hassles. Enjoy!

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