How to Print Gmail Email Messages

Why keep tech support advice to my parents to myself? Here are instructions on how to print email messages from Gmail.

There are two options: Print one message (most economical) or print all the messages that have been traded back and forth in a “conversation.”

These instructions relate to Firefox on a Mac. Not sure if Gmail differs with other browsers.

How to print all messages

print all mail in a Gmail conversationYou can print all of the back and forth messages in one “conversation” using the little “printer” icon.

However ALL of the text that has  been “quoted” in each message will print so that gets very long. It is better to just print the last message which will also have the quoted text from the previous emails.

How to print one message

print one gmail mail messageTo print one message which I recommend,

  1. Click the backwards arrow.
  2. Click Print.
  3. The page to print will open in a new tab. See below for how to get back to the message after you print.
  4. If it doesn’t print the wrong printer may be selected. Try again and click the name of the printer to pick the correct one, if it was not already selected.

How to get back to Gmail after printing

get back to a gmail message after printingGmail opens the message to print in a new tab.

After printing:

  1. Click the x on the tab to close the “printable” message.
  2. You will see the tab with the email subject. Click that tab to get back to the message.
  3. Click Inbox at the left if you want to see all the messages

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