Corporate Compliance Recorder – Annual Minutes Disclosure

Sometimes I love the Internet!

Had I not been furious about “Los Angeles” wanting me to pay $150 for a corporation fee as well as requesting corporate minutes – when the company is not in LA – I may not have seen numerous posts about the Corporate Compliance Recorder being nothing more than a black hole for $150 (or 175 if I pay past the due date).

It may not technically be a scam but the severe wording about penalties definitely makes this out to be a governmental requirement and not a “useful service” being provided by a private party.

But wait, I did have some clues that this was not an official government office of Los Angeles.

Deconstructing the Mail

1. Address is a PO Box
2. No phone number or LA county information
3. Typo on Line 3 of the back (they owe me $150 for editorial service)
4. Checks payable to Corporation Compliance

I hope this helps you and I thank all those who have brought the mystery of 0orporate Compliance Recorder to light before!

Update: I cannot confirm this is a scam and cannot confirm that you don’t have to pay it. I’m just reporting what I believe after reviewing it and looking at other websites. Overall this does not appear to be something that is required by the city or state. I’m closing comments on this post…please refer to the many other websites that discuss this company.



  1. i just got this and was googling to get the number to verify if i have to pay this. Thanks for your comments. So, this is no manditory than, and I don’t have to pay it?

  2. So this is a scam? My office manager asked me to fill it out and she would send the check, so I decided to look at it and once I looked closer I noticed the date stamp was a photo copy, I was also going to call them and ask what this was for and found no number. I then thought this must be a scam? I would like to know if it was or wasn’t. I’m not mailing anyone money that does not allow you to call them with questions.

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