Cool Feeling: Rolling Dice on a Mobile Phone

Tonight I experienced “haptics” on a cell phone, thanks to Immersion’s VibeTonz technology which draws on the sense of touch. Immersion has been known for its haptics in PC and video console gaming applications and peripherals.

Imagine holding a cell phone with 2 3-D dice shown on the screen. You shake the phone and not only do you hear the dice knocking together, you feel them knocking around. That’s haptics. It was amazing.

The phones need to be VibeTonz-capable. I’m not sure how available they are in the US but if you’re a serious early adopter, consider moving to Korea or various other countries to enjoy this technology. Their visual toolkit to create the tactile and sound effects looked amazingly easy to use.

“For a summary of independent research describing many of the advantages that tactile feedback offers the mobile user experience, see Immersion’s whitepaper, Haptics: Improving the Mobile User Experience through Touch (pdf).”

My mind is already reeling with possibilities…your phone feels like a car crash if you’re text messaging while your GPS location is detected to change at >25 mph.

I’m a little “unclear on the concept” of this ad but…


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