Monumental News for Californians With Pre-existing Health Conditions

In the middle of an LA Times article: New oversight, stiffer penalties approved for snooping into patient records — about data breaches of celebrity health records — there sat a small paragraph delivering monumental and thrilling healthcare news to Californians:

“The Senate approved a bill (AB 2) that would require health plans to offer coverage to people considered medically uninsurable because of pre-existing medical conditions or contribute to a state account that subsidizes insurance for them.”

THIS IS HUGE. Did I say THIS IS HUGE? Thank you lawmakers.

Oddly enough, aside from the bill itself, all links point back to this LA Times article. I’m sure millions eagerly await news of what this means in practice.


VETOED BY Schwarzenegger:

LAST HIST. ACT. DATE:  09/30/2008
LAST HIST. ACTION   :  Vetoed by Governor.

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