Good Driver Mobile Habits

800-GOOG-411 has sure delighted me today.

Nearing a freeway exit I suspected might have a Peet’s Coffee, I considered searching on my Blackberry (bad bad driver) then realized how inefficient that would be, given the crapshoot that the combo of search + mobile browsers are for quick answers.

I dialed Google’s free 411, which I’d added to my contacts – 18004664411
Good good driver!

Within 10 seconds I had the answer: take the exit 1/8 of a mile ahead of me.

The service connects you to the number and within 30 seconds more I knew exactly where to go.

And yet as I write, sipping my coffee, I’d like to say: don’t drive and search for local businesses. Dial!

(I’ve used other 411 services but with those you need to endure a longish ad.)

PS when you hit the road and want to email your friends use Don’t type! You’ll need to set up Jott in advance.


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