3 Things to Do If Your Hard Drive is Dying

1) Download Belarc Advisor – This tool generates a list of ALL software you have installed including your license numbers. So when it’s time to set up your new harddrive, you have a handy dandy printout of all the information you need. Having a crashed hard drive has never been so pleasant!

Thanks for the tip LifeHacker!

2) Unencrypt any files and folders you may have encrypted – I’m on Windows XP and had cleverly protected my information by encrypting lots of stuff (using Tools / Folder Options). I’m so clever I can’t get to a lot of the files. So unencrypt before you do your final backup from your poor dying drive.

3) Email important files to yourself to a webmail account – In addition to a backup drive I try to keep important files on a “remote server” which is when unlimited storage in webmail accounts comes in very handy. Do yourself a favor and don’t delete emails with attachments such as your resume or photos. You may be happy they’re there in your Sent mail one day!

Good luck.


One Comment

  1. So your telling people to,
    1) Backup your system
    2) Disable the Hidden option on your files or folders
    3) Once again, backup your data

    This is what you should do.
    First, Disable the Hidden option.
    Second, only back up your data once, and do it on a flash drive or a piece of hardware YOU own.


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