Use PayPal at Any Website

The biggest great news I’ve heard lately is the PayPal Plug-In which lets you use a “fake” credit card number that ties into your PayPal account, so you don’t have to enter your real credit cards on websites which may not be trustworthy. How PayPal says it works:

  • Use Secure Cards to shop anywhere online (with a limit of $1000) *
  • Save and print your receipts
  • Enter addresses with 1 click during checkout
  • Avoid fraudulent websites
  • Check your balance right from your browser

Oddly enough you have to log in to learn more about the plug-in and search their Help for other details.

My question is: Are you protected if you have a dispute with the merchant, the same way you would be if you used your credit card?

*A Secure Card is a MasterCard debit card number issued in digital form only. You can generate a single-use card each time you make a purchase online or a multiple-use card for more than one purchase on a specific website. You can use a Secure Card anywhere MasterCard is accepted online.


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