California Identity Theft Victims – Take Action to Change the Law

California Assemblymember Dave Jones is a great advocate for laws to protect California residents against possible data breaches and identity theft.

He recently won approval of Californians several important bills:

  • Governor Schwarzenegger signed bill, AB 1168, into law. Under AB 1168, the Franchise Tax Board, the Secretary of State, and all 58 county recorders would have to truncate SSNs in records they hold so that no more than the last 4 digits are displayed to the public.

  • Governor Schwarzenegger signed AB 1298 that requires businesses and state agencies that maintain medical information to notify a patient if her information is subject to a breach.

Vetoed: AB 779 which would have required retailers and government to better protect their customers’ personal information that far too often is left open for hackers and ID thieves to pilfer as part of massive data breaches. Mr. Jones attributes this to pressure from special interest groups.

See his full report here and how you can get involved to advocate more legislation to protect consumers.

Take Action to Change California Law for Identity Protection

“Those with an identity theft story of their own to contact my office at 916-319-2009 or and join the fight for consumer protections.”


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