Things I’ve Learned This Week (a mainly California Bulletin)

1. In case you didn’t know, ” Google Needs Typists and Form Fillers -17 Aug 2007 10:40:17 -0400″ or at least that’s what the subject line of a spam told me today. I’m just wondering if they’re using typewriters and multipart forms, and if so, if my grandmother could apply.

2. In case you’re in San Francisco and want to see “Up in Smoke” you can get it at the public library on VHS. It didn’t take long for me to discover that none of the reference librarians knew what the movie was about, when I suggested they remove it. Based on several visits, where the movie was on the sorting carts, it seems to be very popular. I take a toke and all my troubles go…

3.  There’s a nicely designed website entirely devoted to West Nile Virus abatement in California, along with a form where you can report dead birds and squirrels. It’s actually a kind of neat way to familiarize yourself with native birds of California!

4.  To report reckless drivers on the highway you call 911. I thought for sure 911 should be kept open for dire emergencies, but upon investigation found, calling 911 is the M.O. for drunken or bad drivers.

5.  This is so not California specific, but I learned that hitting the forward slash key in Excel in a cell selects the File menu. For sure I thought this was due to a virus but luckily the typists at Google helped me figure out it’s a feature.

You can change the character used to select the File menu to one other than the forward slash by going to Tools / Options / Transition . You will see the / in the field. Change it to a character you rarely use like }

Why does this matter? Well especially if you are filling in a spreadsheet to document file paths for a website you may come across this.

And that is all my randomness for the day.


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