Identity theft in colleges: Each buy a shredder or centralize your shredding?

In an article Students should take precautions to prevent identity theft, Charles Davis, the executive director of the National Freedom of Information Coalition and associate professor in journalism studies at the University of Missouri is quoted as saying: “I would really urge parents to buy shredders for their students because that will go a long way to cut down on identity theft.”

While I already thought The Self-Service Shredder made sense in dorm lobbies and university student centers, his statement really hit home. In a dorm of say 200 units, imagine if each room had its own shredder. That’s a lot of equipment that will eventually get tossed once the shredders break down. That’s a lot of noise coming from each room. And it’s likely to be a lot of paper shreddings drifting around in an effort to dump the paper into the trash or recycling.

Now imagine one shredder where students could drop their papers, emails, unwanted mail etc. on their way out of the building, or near vending machines on their floor. The shreddings from different students get co-mingled which is more secure. It’s an easier task to dispose of the shreddings – a centralized effort instead of each student having to manage this task.

I’m working with RealTime Shredding because I think they have a great solution for shredding. Learn more about why this makes sense vs. each student having his or her own shredder.


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