Protecting Your Young Means Protecting Their Identity

It’s sad to think that upon a baby’s birth you need to start thinking about protecting his or her identity. In fact birth certificate theft has become so common, newborn mothers have told me their hospitals urge them to quickly pick up the certificate. (Fraudsters can get passports by using a birth certificate, so it’s a valuable commodity.)

In Never Too Young to Have Your Identity Stolen, The New York Times interviews a guy who found out only as he was a late teen that one or more people had been using his identity for years – something from which he has not been able to recover.

They note that “Children’s identities are used in much the same way as those stolen from adults, as a basis for credit cards, bank accounts, utility service, insurance, even employment.”

Got kids? Start by getting IdentityGuard with 6 months of FREE credit monitoring

And make sure to shred any documents containing your kids’ personal information!


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