Wow My First IRS Phishing Email Ever ! Here’s what to do.

It was with trepidation that I clicked the Internal Revenue Service email with a subject line Important Notice. Normally I’d think twice about the IRS emailing me rather than sending a letter. However the mail came to my business address, and I didn’t want to miss an important message. (These scammers have got the psychology down.)

Luckily I had images turned off in my Yahoo! mail as it was quite obvious upon clicking that this was a scam email.

How you can tell it’s a scam:

1. While I didn’t view this image it seemed suspect that the IRS would have an image of any kind.

2. $93.20? That amount seemed pretty random. Oh, I hadn’t filed taxes yet either. Make sure to really think about what they’re telling you no matter how much you want a refund. “Fiscal activity”?

3. Red flag red flag! Any time an email tells you to “click here” move your mouse over the link to see where it links to (which appears in the bottom of your browser). In this case it was NOT (surprise surprise). There have been known scams where it could show but not actually go to the valid site. So as the IRS mentions on their site, always directly go to

4. The IRS would likely have information to contact them by phone and other legalese, not just ending with “Regards” as though they were your friend. Know what I mean?

IRS phishing email

If you get an email from the IRS:

The IRS describes recent history of phishing emails purporting to be from the IRS with good instructions of what to do.


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