3 Recent Amusing Customer Experiences

1. An HP laser printer dialog that says, below the Economode checkbox, “May save print cartridges.”  That feature has existed for at least 10 years. If it doesn’t save them, the option shouldn’t exist. Are they trying to create doubt with hopes people won’t use Economode? Or did they get sued by someone doing an Economode test?

2.  United customer service reps in India with Jewish “names.” I kid you not: Neil Freeman and Suzanna Goldstein

3.  A soy chip maker I called to complain their cheese soy chips were so smelly I couldn’t eat them in public. They admitted this was such a problem they were reformulating the chips. Yet they didn’t explain why there hadn’t been a recall. Are they subscribing to the philosophy that a problem solved will make a customer more loyal? I think not in this csse.


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