Watch what you pay for free money (and read the fine print)

A $15 toward my next rental seemed like a good deal, until I read the not-so-fine print.

First I read the company’s privacy policy. At a glance it seemed standard. The company uses your information to process the offer.

Then I noticed they require a credit card to get the $15 coupon. I have to give you a payment source for a mere coupon, which I’d redeem on another site? (Or maybe you redeem it here.) In any event, that gave me some doubts.

That’s when I saw this was a “30 days free” offer on this promotions service. If you forget to cancel, it’s $10 a month.

So for signing up to get $15 off my next rental:

  • I have to give all my contact information and a credit or debit card to yet another website.
  • I have to remember to cancel my membership within 30 days.

That costs a little too much to me.

Read the fine print!

promotional offers


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