Customer Experience Research On the Fly

My mid-flight-transfer Cadbury indulgence was surprisingly interrupted at Singapore’s Changi Airport by a woman from a research company conducting a customer experience survey about the airport. I couldn’t pass up the chance to see what she’d ask.

The survey covered cleanliness, comfort, communication related to security, general staff, facilities, stores and restaurants (including pricing and service quality). She really cared too and took notes whenever I made suggestions – like that the duty free chocolate was more expensive than any chocolate at non-duty free shops anywhere in the world. (I don’t expect any change from my complaint. It’s how duty free pricing seems to be these days.)

The last question asked what I think the best airport is. I always like those “What’s your favorite xyz and why” questions. It tells a lot more than something like “what do you look for in an airport.”
I’m easily pleased. The fact that Changi has free internet stations with alcohol rub and all kinds of newfangled devices to kill germs, like toilet seat cleanser and infrared drinking fountains which I’m surprised I’d never seen before, makes it stick in my mind more than others.

While I dislike Washington DC’s mostly dismal IAD I do appreciate their requirement that shops have the same prices you’d find in town instead of ha-ha-you’re-trapped-now-we’re-going-to-rip-you-off pricing. (OK I also look forward to the announcement that they’re pleased to offer buses to drive you across the runway for your convenience…vs making you walk across it?) And I like Austin’s locals-only restaurants rule.

But free multiple sets of free, fast Internet stations and someone doing on-site customer experience surveys, well that leaves an impression in my mind. I hear Changi has lots of good restaurants and stuff too, which I’ll need to explore another time.

My hard work earned me a cool space age pen with a built-in measuring tape. She revealed the thank you gift at the end – a good practice to avoid people responding without thought, purely for the reward.


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