Debit Card Info Stolen From Bay Area Albertsons Supermarkets

KTVU News reports that “high-tech thieves who have scammed well over $100,000 from the bank accounts of shoppers” at several Albertsons supermarkets.” Alameda County sheriff’s Detective Greg Swetnam said “the numbers were swiped on two days in January and four days in February but the thieves didn’t start using the numbers until April 1.”

The thieves used a credit card reader to steal debit account and PIN numbers from ATM cards used by shoppers.

Tip 1: Fraud may occur well after the time the theft occured.
Time and again I read about breaches or lost laptops, where several days after officials are quoted as saying “the information hasn’t been misused” which creates a false sense of security. More often than not, thieves will wait months or maybe even years before mis-using the information they stole.

Tip 2: Use a credit card instead of an ATM / debit card at stores. You will likely have more recourse and less chance of having to eat the cost of the fraud yourself.


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