5 Ways Twitter Can Work For You

5. Twitter about the boring meeting you’re in. From the beach. In Hawaii. Or how you’re stuck in traffic in Manhattan when really you’re off doing something in Vegas that will only stay in Vegas. Alibi’r

4. Twitter about all the interesting things you’re doing out in the city…from the comfort of your Tivo remote control, watching Entourage reruns. (I don’t do this really. I can prove it on Twitter.)

3. Twitter about how you’re off buying flowers for your sweetheart and when you show up without them with a story about how you got mugged, you can show that you really were trying to bring flowers – as proven by your Twitter.

2. Twitter about what’s going on at whatever tech conference you’re at. Even if you didn’t quite make it to the conference.

1. Use your Twitter Archive as a diary of your every movement over the past 6 months to see where you could use your time more wisely. Ponder how much time it took to create this chronicle and what it means to you. Twitter about it.


One Comment

  1. To Twitter or not to Twitter? I Twitter now, but it does seem like one of those things that will play itself out. For now, I’m enjoying myself…I recently joined Jaiku and it seems like a “next-gen” Twitter that incorporates my blog posts and other RSS feeds that I want to manage. Fun, but I’m unsure of either one’s productivity rating. Anyhow… 🙂


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