To: Warren Buffett Re: The state of See’s Candy

Dear Mr. Buffett,

Now that you have offloaded the task of managing your fortune, I would like to suggest that you take a look at the going’s on at See’s.

Today I was informed that See’s Candy will no longer have Date Nuts. Immediately I assumed the public’s taste had veered from the healthful delicacy made of vanilla cream, dates and walnuts drenched with walnuts. Or perhaps it was a political statement against the fruit of the middle east.

But no. The See’s employee tells me you can no longer source the variety of dates used in Date Nuts.

What? Surely you were using deglet noors and surely there can be no shortage. After all there has been almost no rain in Southern California.

The helpful clerk suggested that I try the Beverly. I immediately snapped that the Beverlys “suck” to use the only word I could muster to describe this weak attempt at a new flavor. The almonds are soft and tasteless, I told her, proceeding to goad her into trying a Beverly to refresh her memory. She agreed it was pretty lame.

I’ve also noticed a frequent outage of maple pecan bon bons.

This state of affairs leads me to believe See’s is cutting back on flavors that require expensive ingredients. Could I be right?

In any event, I suppose what I am trying to say is if you need help finding dates, I’m all but willing to help, as I’m sure the Date Advisory Board and Hadley’s would be as well.


Someone who’s been a customer since the lollipops were $.06

P.S. Lest you think I’m a random crackpot (unlike the person shown in the photo below), you may appreciate my financial prowess: I recommend to people the best way to make an annual 10% on an investment is to buy See’s gift certificates from Costco. Futures!



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