Confessions of a Born Again Mac User

Could 15 years have passed since I last used an Apple Mac? Yes. My last Mac was a first generation Powerbook laptop. Ever since, my jobs converted me to using Windows. After all it isn’t hard to forget the hassles of “The attachment wouldn’t open.” “Oh I sent it from a Mac.”

During recent years I’d tried using friend’s Mac’s and somehow found the clean experience frustrating. Like not enough instructions. I’d also gotten into the habit of sneering at my many Mac using friends “I know, ‘it just works.” Whatever!”

Last month I decided to buy a desktop iMac mostly to have a computer with a large monitor at an affordable price as well as one that would let me do all kinds of fun multimedia stuff really easily. Up until the moment I unpacked it, I had a strange buyer’s remorse.

However upon lifting out the cleanly packaged lucite keyboard and the featherweight computer out of the small box, my heart raced.

Plug in the mouse. Plug in the keyboard. That was about it.

My wireless instantly was recognized after I’d been wondering if I needed an “Apple network.” Nope. My PC laptop and Mac peacefully coexist.

This weekend I took some videos and called a friend to say I had no idea how to edit them.

“Take the iMovie tutorial and you can do it yourself.” Well I did, and I can.

With all of the i-applications shipped with the iMac, I have a creative playground before me! It really “just works.” I’ve joined the choir I’m preaching to!!

Now all I have to do is get set up to toggle between Windows and PCs can become history.

Everyone I know now says their next computer will be an Apple. Good job team! You have a new evangelist.

My new mac


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  1. Welcome to the club!! I recently posted a similar post on my blog ( I am a re-newed Mac user and love it.


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