Trick (Coffee) Pricing by a Financial Institution

I have to get up pretty early in the morning (which I had) not to realize how odd it was that ING Direct in midtown Manhattan charges $1.50 for a small cup of Peet’s coffee.

And charges $1.50 for a large cup of Peet’s coffee.

That’s right folks. Do you know how to stretch your dollar?

Who is the mad genius / weirdo behind this idea?

The cafe is on E 49th by Madison and is a great refuge with free Internet access and a bright cheery atmosphere. AND they sell bags of Peet’s coffee beans for less than they cost at Peet’s! I dare say their pricing was random. Major Dickasons was around $11. The decafs were around $10 a pound.

I amused them and myself by saying well even though I don’t want the large, I’m American so I’ll take it just because I can.


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