The Environmental Impact of Consumer Behavior

Interesting article in Forbes: Just shows how important it is to transparently educate consumers on switches to green packaging and products that they may perceive as being quality changes:

“The difficulty of getting customers to change their behavior cannot be underestimated. Unilever tried to sell concentrated laundry detergent to reduce packaging waste–and ended up with angry customers who thought they were getting less for their money. Starbucks (nasdaq: SBUX news people ), on the other hand, did the calculation before it launched its now universal coffee cup “sleeve.” First the company developed an eco-friendly heat-resistant paper cup. Then it calculated that if only 10% of its customers still insisted on double-cupping, total waste would actually go up. So instead of using the environmentally optimal cup, Starbucks found a middle ground with the customer-pleasing sleeve. “

A completely different Forbes article by Jack Trout sheds some light on consumer behavior related to product changes: Minds Hate to Change.


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