Need a car rental? Don’t use Priceline unless you’re 100% sure of your plans

It was funny, Priceline just sent me a satisfaction survey which reminded me to write about this:

I booked a 4 day car at $29. Changed my flight to arrive 12 hours early. Since Priceline allows no changes, I got stuck with a $63 bill from Budget for the 12 hour difference. Ironically the guy from Budget was saying don’t use Priceline, you could have gotten the car for $18 here at Sea Tac. Now, if that was the case why did this 12 hour extra rental cost me $63? To punish me for going with Priceline?

In any event, I absolutely recommend you do not use Priceline if there is even a 2% chance your plans may change.

I was told people who miss their designated Priceline arrival time by 10 minutes get screwed.

Caveat emptor. Vent done. I’m interested if you have something to vent about this.


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