The Cost of United Mileage Plus Credit Card

United uses Chase Bank as its card provider. I got a card recently and am not impressed. Ironically, Chase has been one of the most popular names in recent phishing scams. It seems they are doing enough themselves with enabling identity theft.

  1. They print your full credit card number on the paper statement. It turns out customer service thought they printed a different ID. She was surprised as well. (However there is no way for me to request they not print the whole number.) Is this their way of getting people to opt for online statements?
  2. Firefox will not work for online sign up unless you turn off your firewall. You start to sign up then get looped back to step 1. However you can use IE with a firewall turned on. Some security trade off!

Overall when I first went to use Chase's site, I had to double check to make sure it was real despite that I had typed in the URL. There's a fine line between a site that makes you feel confident and builds trust and one that somehow does not.

I hope (for my own sake anyway) improvements are in the hopper.


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