You know those Street Sheet newspapers?

Have you ever looked at one?

I might have once, a million years ago.

In the last few days I’ve started thinking about what street people could sell that would result in more sales. The Spectator crossed my mind. Then the idea of a newspaper full of original cartoons contributed by artists and art students. Then someone told me the Street Sheet is actually written by homeless people and is about life being homeless.

In the millenia that I’ve been aware of this paper through living in Berkeley and San Francisco, I never knew this.

And today I found something even more fascinating: The International Network of Street Newspapers website.

The International Network of Street Papers (INSP) unites street papers sold by homeless and people living in poverty from all over the world. INSP is an umbrella organisation, which provides a consultancy service for its partner papers and advises on the setting up of new street papers and support initiatives for marginalised people. “

Wow. Sounds like something worth learning about. (It’s a very nicely designed website as well.)


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