How Dell Can Improve My Customer Experience

  1. When information on warranty returns is emailed out, include the phone number for dispatch.
  2. If a part is failing, check if it is in stock and reserve it for me for 1 week so that I know exactly how long my poor little laptop will be away from me getting repaired.
  3. Allow chatting with reps without having to enter product information beforehand.
  4. If parts break within nearly a year of purchase (e.g. a motherboard), go above and beyond the standard 3-5 day service return and get it fixed. Especially if the customer had other failures during the warranty period.
  5. If a hard drive has become corrupted, inform the customer that they should have disk imaging software and a backup drive standing by to try to recover as much data as possible. (A friend theorized they may not tell you since it could be a slippery slope into ripping DVDs.) The tech had told me Dell would stay on the phone as I reinstalled Windows and my apps on my new hard drive. Thank heavens I captured an image of my hard drive before it failed and avoided 20+ hours of installation headaches.
  6. Remind you that DHL is closed on weekends so you don't call for dispatch.
  7. Have a way for customers with existing issues to quickly enter an incident ID to follow up with customer support or to get status without having to navigate through multiple qualification layers.
  8. When I dial your "existing case" phone number and enter the number, why do I need to enter what product I'm calling about?
  9. Instead of an automated system telephoning me to ask if my issue is closed, the system should check your system to know that the issue is not closed. 

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