What goes into selecting security questions?

I just noticed Gmail has “what’s your library card number” as a security question.

First, I rarely have my library card when I need it. The idea of pulling out my card and entering the number is too much labor to conceive.

Second, if I choose this as my security question is there a high probability a librarian could masquerade as being me if he (Mr Bookman) went through a lost password process using my email and library card number? Are librarians bonded so they don’t go on rampages with stolen library card numbers?

And furthermore, it is interesting that Google thinks people still goes to libraries. Is it a innocent subliminal suggestion that we should all get library cards? Or is it related to the book authors lawsuit and they want to show that you still need to read books?
Am I overthinking this? I admit I thought It was a little cute and quaint to have that as an option.


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