New expressions for the new century

Today as I made breakfast I thought “It’s the best thing since Pepto Bismol.” You can probably guess I’d had a stomach ache earlier to have substituted that for “It’s the best thing since sliced bread.” And that made me wonder how hard is it really to slice bread? Were knives so dull that it was a nightmare?

I wondered if the advent of the icebox was a lot greater than sliced bread? Or Penicillin? Or electricity?

Then I learned from Wikipedia’s the expression that sticks with us today – like a ball of Wonder Bread in your stomach – originated from a clever Wonder Bread campaign.
What’s next? Well I guess the Service Workers Union had the same thought because only a couple of weeks ago NPR featured the results of their contest to come up with that very better thing.

or now, at least today, I’m sticking with Pepto Bismol as the best thing since sliced bread. What’s your view? And pleaaaaaase don’t say computers, the Internet or iPods. Or I may need a Pepto Bismol.

Addendum: I remembered an expression my parents used to use: “Get a horse!” to slow moving cars. This clearly originated when cars were new. I wonder how prevalent this expression still is or if it will go with their generation (or mine). What will it be replaced with? Get a Ferrari Enzo?


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