You know when you blow someone off you met online

After you get together and it just isn’t happening for you.

Then they email they want to get together but you don’t know how to decline in a nice way, so you just don’t reply?

I would like to know the probability of the following:

The # of daily United flights between LA and SF and LA and Oakland
x 365 days of the year
x the fact that I make 2 flights maximum to LA annually
x the probability someone who isn’t from LA would be on the same flight as me
x the probability this would happen within 1 month of our having gone out instead of sooner or later
Yes Virginia it really happened.

The result of your amazing number crunching will equal my karma quotient. I cannot imagine a better lesson to get me to face the music and politely reply to emails with the truth. Maybe knowing this, if you have done the same as I, you will think twice. Because yes the world is tiny.
(I offered him a ride home and apologized. It was actually very nice.)



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