Product placement and stock price

I’ll always follow Peter Lynch’s theories of how to know when to buy or sell. I don’t read Starbucks analyst reports. I glance into every Starbucks I walk by to see how busy it is at different times of day.

When a movie called Firewall about identify theft came out, I wondered if it would make Equifax’s stock (which closed at 36.62 today) and sales go up. After all, if the movie makes people paranoid, they might realize they’re susceptible. Ever since Equifax notified me that someone with my name tried to apply for a JC Penney card…as if…I’d decided to become a lifelong Equifax customer.

It seems I wasn’t the only one with this thought. When Harrison Ford is accused of an online gambling addiction (which would have been a more original role), he immediately goes to his Equifax account to see what’s what. Unlike the subtlety of Apple and Vaio product placement that seems to proliferate movies and tv shows today, Equifax , supplemented by a press release and home page promotions.

Will this bump up their sales? The identify theft played a tiny part in the overall plot so it will be interesting to see.

The movie highlight was the casting and styling of high tech Seattle grunge thugs reporting to the heartless, expressionless Englishman ala Cliffhanger, one of my guilty pleasure movies.


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