Whooops they did it again (broke into my car)

For the second time in a month my car has been broken into.

From my first discovery – my junk spread throughout the car, the light turned off, no lock or window broken – I knew the job was done by thieves who’d made a way of life out of this. It was simply too clean.

The first time they’d clearly tried to get the radio and subwoofer. Glove box emptied, ashtray open, subwoofer pulled out from under the seat. They were all set to go but didn’t finish for some reason. It was a shock that my toll money drawer was untouched as were my CDs. The only thing they took was my treo car charger (which turned out to be the most important thing to me when my home a/c adaptor died).

This morning I got to my car and saw the backseat looked full. I gasped, thinking someone was sleeping in the car. But no it was my ski clothes from the back hatch.

Glove box emptied, everything spread around the car again.

But wait, this time they fell into my trap.

I’d been hoping if someone broke in a second time they’d take my Fastrack bridge pass. And they did!! I can only hope the thieves or their friends are caught on tape at a bridge with my pass. Well if they are it will probably be in a stolen car, but it’s a start. And, of all things, the only other thing they took were belly dancing finger symbols.

I’ll get a profile of these wacky thieves put together yet!


One Comment

  1. Just as you described. Those thieves broke into my car twice. They also broke into my brother’s car once. From what I saw, those are very professional thieves. They did not break any doors or windows but somehow they got themselves inside. They also disabled my brother’s $400.00 car alarm. I don’t know how they did it. Anyway, they made huge messes and left w/o much care about my belongings. They did not take anything. I wondered why would they broke into my cars and did not take anything. I checked nothing were missing. They sweeped mine car and my brother’s car thoroughly. They left the doors opened and lights were still turned on. It didn’t make sense at all. Why didn’t they take my CD player, coins, shoes, and other junks? Do you khow what were they after? Any ideas on who those thieves are? It was a clean break in. Please let me know when you find out somehing.They took a small piece of dashboard cover.


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