Would you dismiss my ticket?

Once someone poo poo’d an idea I had to let people opt for community service if they could name what law they broke when pulled over for a moving violation.

Now I have a new idea: to dismiss, or reduce the fine, of tickets where the people admit their wrong and have a good story like this that provides some comic relief to the beleagured parking ticket office (because after all, imagine in san francisco how many tickets are processed a day.)

(Apparently they did not agree with me and cashed my check faster than it takes to receive anything you apply for from the city.)

Twas 2 days before Thanksgiving
As I joined the race
To park my car
In a valid space

“It’s Wednesday,” I thought
Since tomorrow was off
And so grabbed this nice space
By the corner of Gough

Across the street
There were 3 open spots
And “no parking Friday”
“Which explains this,” I thought.

As I walked up the street
I double checked the sign
“Street cleaning Wednesday”
“OK, this space is fine.”

When I came the next day
To get into my car
There was a ticket I saw.
“Boy am I a retard!”

“Today is Wednesday!!”

And bonked my hand on my head
Well I deserve this one
“How could I have spent that instead?”

A nice Christmas gift
Maybe a book or two
Or a small donation
Perhaps dinner for 2

Well it paid for this story
To tell all my friends
About my first SF ticket
Which I hope is the end!


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