5 Things I Hate About Windows XP Wireless

1. When I mouse over the wireless icon thingy it tells me “Windows is currently managing this wireless device.” How many people care about this?
What I want: Tell me the name of the wireless network I’m connected to.

2. When I have a cable plugged in for DSL access, Windows continues to look for wireless networks and updates me on the status. Do I need to say this is lame?

3. It actually connects to wireless when I have a DSL cable plugged in. Am I missing something?

4. The wireless pop up notifications stay up, requiring me to click to make them go away. Do they want me to send an email of congratulations? How about me finding out the hard way that I don’t have internet access.

5. When I was having problems getting connected to wireless at my house but was on the house’s network (which I finally discovered required a restart of the DSL modem), the Windows troubleshooter told me to go online to MS knowledgebase article # XYZ to find out how to fix the problem. In what universe did Microsoft think I would be online solving a problem where I couldn’t get online?

6. What is yours?

Other than these, it’s great.


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