5 Minute Meals: Chinese Vege Stir Fry

Ingredients (all amounts are to taste)

-Bok choy
-Green onions
-Red or white onion cut in half then sliced (optional)
-Shitake mushrooms
-Tofu (or meat of choice)
-Chinese sauce (Soy Vey is heavenly)

Coat meat or tofu pieces in chinese sauce. Chop up green onions and other onions (if desired) and start to fry. Toss in the tofu or meat soon after. As soon as it browns add the mushrooms. Add more oil or water if needed to avoid too much sticking to the pan. Toss in some more chinese sauce. Wash chopped bok choy then toss it in and mix with other stuff. Cover so it all steams together. As soon as it’s tender you’re done. Add more sauce if you like!

OK this is all random but fairly foolproof if you like mushrooms. I’m addicted to it and make enough to eat for several days.


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