Orkut Lives?!

It had been a couple months since my last login to Orkut, when I created a “Everything With Olives” Brazilian community sort of as an inside joke and experiment to see just how many people would join any old community.

The integration with Google and apparent addition of servers, or code rewrite, made Orkut actually usable sans donuts. I decided to check in on my communities. It was a delightful shock to see my Isn’t it time for a “Typewriter Cafe”? idea in the Creative Juices & Ideas community – submitted on Jan. 31 ’04 not only had numerous comments but continued to draw interest and kudos. Even more delightful was the fact that English speaking people are still using Orkut. I’d all but given it up to Brazilian teens and Iranian who knows whos.

I really hope that one day I’m somewhere like Sweden, looking for a cafe, and hear the clatter of a typewriter.


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