Fieldtrip to Webzine 2005

What I got out of Webzine 2005:

  • Met some new people I hope to work with in the future.
  • Learned about scary new anti-porn laws. But glad to hear they don’t affect text as much as photos / video.
  • Discovered MakeZine which was hella cool, tricks for creating gadgets by pasting other gadgets together and stuff. It made me wish my dad were a few decades younger as he would have been all over this.
  • Met a 2nd cousin! He did not know my family existed in LA. I didn’t know about his. We got along in a way that never happened so swimmingly between my east coast-west coast family. Clearly both being Californians made us similar in some kind of easy going way.
  • Discovered there are people more out of the technology loop than I am, which was kind of comforting in some insecure pathetic way.

What I didn’t get out of it: I still wonder how people have so much time to blog, tag their blogs, upload photos etc. Hmm I guess if I traded off time cooking, ate out, blogged mobilely there’s a way.


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