The World is a Small Town

Whenever I meet someone from a small state, a smallish city, or a certain hood, I can’t resist asking “Do you know so and so?”

They usually roll their eyes and go “[loser] It’s a big place!”

Well last week I met this nice guy Joe from Connecticut, location not otherwise specified. He wore a pinstriped button down shirt, had an easy going demeanor, and was studying law. I instantly liked him as he reminded me of my friends Dean and Ben, who wear similar clothes, are also easy going, sweet, smart, and very funny.

I asked Joe if he knew either Ben or Dean. But wait. He recalled a junior trip abroad with a guy named Ben who had the same exact last name. A last name that begins with Q.

A few days later I confirm: Indeed it was the very same Ben!

My amateur demographic sociographic pop psychological tendencies win again. We are all so very interconnected.


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