Oaxacan Chocolate in Little Palo Alto?

Future billionaires lurking around the Stanford campus likely do not know that in their midst a chef and his Mexican wife are making chocolate sold under their company Oaxacan Foods. I’m not exaggerating. They literally go to the campus kitchen, where he works, in the middle of the night to make their chocolate. (I hope I am not busting them here.)

Let me clarify. This doesn’t mean using chocolate to dip confections. I mean making chocolate coating, known by the choclerati as “couverture.” It is not just any chocolate either. It’s that Aztecish style with cinnamon, ground almonds, and other ingredients combined with ground cacao beans they source from Mexico.

They grind the beans and make their paste into hockey puck like disks. From there you can make Mexican style hot cocoa. Or, you can use the chocolate in cooking (as it really is like a thick paste). I tasted it today at Sur La Table and found it interesting, not sweet, very spicy.

Even more intriguing to me is that they sell their mole paste at JJ&F near California Ave and at the Milk Pail Market in Mountain View (a bastion for cheese lovers which is my second home)

Mole paste is not as much “chocolate sauce” (the way it’s often described) as a paste of dark chiles, spices, and some chocolate. Well there are many varieties of mole, but most people seem to think of mole negro.

Most importantly when I said I wanted to spread the word, because I love helping artisanal food producers succeeed, he asked for my card. I revealed that I don’t actually have a food marketing business but am merely a fantatic and that such a business iss my dream.

Then I figured what the. So I reserved Global Gusto. We shall see where it goes from here between this and a Big Valley Wine tasting event I finagled.


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