Serendipitous Magic Spawns Another Insane Idea

So many things yesterday and today…

1) Looking at my notes at work, at an org chart I’d drawn, I thought “I should meet this guy.” I looked up and a strange man stood there. I said you’re not “Greg X are you?” He said “ya.” I freaked over and over.

2) As I crossed the street heading to my car a familiar face crossed toward me. I pointed at him. He laughed. It was a guy I used to work with who I last saw in December. We stood on the corner chatting and a guy headed toward us. “Dude!” I said. It was someone I hadn’t seen since 1998, the veritable dot com era.

3) I joined this online community of people who do events together and found out about this wine bar. I told the owner about my friends’ new winery and asked if he’d give them a try. Turns out he is planning an event just for wine from their region. Not only will he taste their wares but 75-100 winerati will as well. This is their big chance and is my big chance to make a foray into food marketing.

What with all this happening in a concentrated period, I began obsessing over the thought of how events influence other events and they are all interrelated. I even made a spectacle of myself pounding on my laptop over a bottle of wine at Bacar. Just because I felt like it. They were “not plussed” as a Texan friend used to say. Neither was the insurance salesman who sat next to me and told me about the game of high risk insurance.

This guy I met for a date described me as a Nexus. I went to Google and did a “define nexus.” Some weird company or something came up as the definition. “Needs work.”

Then today I met this guy who works at a Big Internet company. He told me about someone who’s leaving. This person has a job that I know a friend of mine at another Big Internet company would want. I set that chain in motion.

There is mind mapping software. There is tagging.
How can those be combined to see the forking of events that trigger other events with people, time, place.

I list my chains of events and what forks off of what. Then people who were affected would do the same so you see how the world changes based on small or big things that happen.

It’s extremely overwhelming but I would love to work this out and have started jotting down thoughts.

Any takers to brainstorm on this?


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