Where to Get Lyft Rides at LAX

Lyft drivers can only pick up passengers on the departure level UPSTAIRS at LAX.

Here is a map showing where Lyft cars pick up LAX passengers. (I am linking to the Lyft map on the Lyft website instead of embedding the map here in case the locations change.)

LYFT PICKUP LOCATION: Currently Lyft passengers flying Southwest can be picked up between Terminal 1 where Southwest is and Terminal 2 where Virgin America is.

There are several other Lyft passenger pickup locations at terminals around LAX.

LOOK FOR THE RIDE SERVICE SIGNS to know exactly where to wait for a Lyft car at LAX.

How much does Lyft from LAX cost?

Your own Lyft car is still a good deal compared to a shared shuttle. The Lyft fare from LAX to West LA came to $27 via La Cienega.

You can “pool” if you aren’t in a hurry to get a lower fare.

This $27 ride was not at prime rush hour but I thought I would include that for reference in case you’re debating shuttle vs. taxi vs. Lyft.

New to Lyft? Use my referral link to get a free or discounted ride.

You’ll need a smartphone and the Lyft app to get started.

Want to be a Lyft driver?

If this information was helpful please use my driver referral link. Thanks!


How to Map a Domain at GoDaddy to a WordPress at Bluehost

Please note I am not a developer and I don’t plan to update this if the world changes, so take it with a grain of salt and I hope it helps:

I couldn’t find help online for how to make a WordPress blog I installed on Bluehost appear to be running under the domain I have hosted at GoDaddy, so here goes:

  1. Do not forward the domains at GoDaddy. Instead edit it to make the nameservers point to 2 Bluehost nameservers: ns1.bluehost.com and ns2.bluehost.com
  2. Install the WordPress blog under whatever domain you have at Bluehost that makes sense (the domain will not appear to people going to your site so it really doesn’t matter).
  3. Log into your Bluehost dashboard and go to Domains / Assign. Type in the domain you have at GoDaddy, then pick the Bluehost directory blog location from the dropdown. Click the button to Assign that domain to that directory location.
  4. Go into your WordPress admin dashboard to Settings / General.
    Make the Site URL and WordPress URL be the URL you have hosted at GoDaddy.

Is it that easy? Yes.

I got logged out of my WordPress admin account after doing this, and since I didn’t know the password I used the instructions to create an emergency.php file which was such a time saver. As they note, be sure to delete that file after resetting the admin password.

There’s no need to add the line to the theme functions file with the URL, which you might see mentioned in some tech help pages.

At this point your email will stop working

You need to update the MX records on Bluehost so that they no longer have mail.yourdomain.com and instead point to GoDaddy’s mail servers.

Rather than give you specifics, check out GoDaddy’s MX record FAQ and get in touch with them if need be. They guided me through setting this up in my Bluehost control panel which was awesome.


It is SO much simpler to get your domain wherever you will be hosting your website and mail. Less configuration. Fewer hassles. Enjoy!

No Meteors Here, Just Tsunamis of Happiness and Pizza

A funny thing happened on the way to the apocalypse. There I was goofing off one morning at my favorite bakery when an astrophysicist looked my way.

And this is what he said: “Oh people say we’re watching the meteor hurtling toward earth from our base in Antarctica.” And I say, “And is it?”

“No,” says he. And I’m like, “so it’s not going to hit Earth?” And he’s like, “there is no meteor.” (leaving off the dufus part)

So despite the anti-clamatic non-climax of life as we know it, life continues on the way it should, merrily, doing what makes me happy with some of those things in moderation, and keeping in touch with friends, family, and strangers appreciating life’s little synchronicities that happen when you connect the dots as I am wont to do.

(Did you ever notice how the word wont implies doing and won’t implies not doing?)

cheeseboard pizza with friends

What I’d be doing if a meteor were about to hit Earth. Pretty much the same thing I’d be doing every day – hanging with friends, couch surfers, strangers, enjoying life. Living fat, dying young.

How to Print Gmail Email Messages

Why keep tech support advice to my parents to myself? Here are instructions on how to print email messages from Gmail.

There are two options: Print one message (most economical) or print all the messages that have been traded back and forth in a “conversation.”

These instructions relate to Firefox on a Mac. Not sure if Gmail differs with other browsers.

How to print all messages

print all mail in a Gmail conversationYou can print all of the back and forth messages in one “conversation” using the little “printer” icon.

However ALL of the text that has  been “quoted” in each message will print so that gets very long. It is better to just print the last message which will also have the quoted text from the previous emails.

How to print one message

print one gmail mail messageTo print one message which I recommend,

  1. Click the backwards arrow.
  2. Click Print.
  3. The page to print will open in a new tab. See below for how to get back to the message after you print.
  4. If it doesn’t print the wrong printer may be selected. Try again and click the name of the printer to pick the correct one, if it was not already selected.

How to get back to Gmail after printing

get back to a gmail message after printingGmail opens the message to print in a new tab.

After printing:

  1. Click the x on the tab to close the “printable” message.
  2. You will see the tab with the email subject. Click that tab to get back to the message.
  3. Click Inbox at the left if you want to see all the messages

Google Spreadsheet or Google Doc ? The Ongoing Conundrum

I’m writing out loud here as it seems every time I set up a Google Doc (MS Word equivalent, but online) I wish I’d set up a spreadsheet instead and vice versa.

Memo to self: When does A DOC VS. SPREADSHEET make sense?

When Docs are good:

  • Hyperlink intensive tables. Why? In spreadsheets linking text  requires a sort of coding format: =hyperlink(“www.google.com”;”search the web”) Whereas in a Google doc it’s a menu-driven option to link text (ala Word).
  • Tables within a largely text document
  • When you want a document to be a quick reference for someone who is more familiar with Word than Excel (for which adding links as mentioned above would require them to ping you for tech support)

When Spreadsheets are good:

  • Easy column resorting is desirable.
  • You’re calculating totals.
  • You want to drag and drop rows to rearrange data.
  • The data entails serious crunching and organizing.
  • You’re not hyperlinking much of the text.

My latest experiment is going to be using a spreadsheet to flowchart processes –> which I anticipate will result in a blog post called “Using Visio / Omnigraffle versus Powerpoint / Keynote for flow charting.” (But wait, there’s more…having just discovered some Google apps that might be the ticket.)


When you accidentally set up a Google spreadsheet and want to get the info into a Google Doc:

I found copy and paste didn’t work…no matter how many times I tried.

  1. File > Download As the Google spreadsheet to Excel
  2. Copy the cells from Excel
  3. Paste into the Google Doc
  4. Enjoy reformatting over coffee

When you accidentally do the reverse the same process only different is a good approach: Download the Google Doc to Word, then copy and table and paste it into the Google Spreadsheet.

How to Post iPhone Photos of Moleskine Pages to Evernote

It’s been yeeeears since I posted in this blog, and I was driven to start again by one thing: My new Evernote Smart Notebook made by Moleskine.

Why post now? I bought the notebook mainly to write notes and draw pictures, then shoot them and have them stored, digitized and searchable in Evernote. Alas the searching seemed to be falling short. So I started thinking I was doing something wrong.

The little card that ships with the Moleskine notebook tells you to simply shoot photos.

That is simply not right.

Check out this page on the Evernote site to see the 3-step process to shoot iPhone photos of your Moleskine pages. Or read my summary:

  1. Start a new note
  2. Hit the photo button
  3. Tap the OFF button in the middle at the top of the screen.
  4. It becomes ON OFF. Now tap ON.

NOW you’re ready to shoot photos.

Would love to hear your experiences of how your writing gets digitized! I find myself writing in lots of blocky text – which is a good thing since my handwriting sucks – but I have yet to try more scribbly writing. Now that I figured out how to actually shoot the photos perhaps it’ll be a miracle!

evernote smart notebook photo

Corporate Compliance Recorder – Annual Minutes Disclosure

Sometimes I love the Internet!

Had I not been furious about “Los Angeles” wanting me to pay $150 for a corporation fee as well as requesting corporate minutes – when the company is not in LA – I may not have seen numerous posts about the Corporate Compliance Recorder being nothing more than a black hole for $150 (or 175 if I pay past the due date).

It may not technically be a scam but the severe wording about penalties definitely makes this out to be a governmental requirement and not a “useful service” being provided by a private party.

But wait, I did have some clues that this was not an official government office of Los Angeles.

Deconstructing the Mail

1. Address is a PO Box
2. No phone number or LA county information
3. Typo on Line 3 of the back (they owe me $150 for editorial service)
4. Checks payable to Corporation Compliance

I hope this helps you and I thank all those who have brought the mystery of 0orporate Compliance Recorder to light before!

Update: I cannot confirm this is a scam and cannot confirm that you don’t have to pay it. I’m just reporting what I believe after reviewing it and looking at other websites. Overall this does not appear to be something that is required by the city or state. I’m closing comments on this post…please refer to the many other websites that discuss this company.